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How to start a business in Portugal?

Recently Portugal has become a very attractive location for business development, kind of a gate for the whole European market. Here is a step-by-step timeline of the company registration process. Setup a company in Portugal 1. Gathering the documents. To start a registration process for a company in Portugal...

How to exempt your vehicle from taxes in Portugal?

When you move to another country and want to bring your car with you, one of the most complicated questions is how to exempt your vehicle from taxes? Here is a completed instruction on how you can do it by yourself, and we hope that it will cover all...

How to get a NIF in Portugal

Even before arriving in Portugal, you will learn that you need a Number of tax identification, in Portuguese it is called NIF (Número de Identificação Fiscal) or Número de Contribuinte. We need NIF in Portugal for: purchase or rental of real estate; registration of business and your own company;...

How to open a Bank Account in Portugal

Opening a bank account in Portugal can be either one of the most crucial points in establishing your local life or an inevitable step in setting up from abroad. In both cases it is something you will most likely have to do at a certain point. In Portugal, process...

More millionaires in Portugal

According to the latest ‘Global Wealth Report’, Swiss bank Credit Suisse’s report on the continued growth of global wealth, for 2020, the number of millionaires in Portugal rose last year, despite the pandemic. Last year there were 136,430 millionaires in Portugal, up on the 117,000 millionaires identified in the...

SEF announced the new telephone numbers of Contact Center

SEF (Portuguese Immigration & Border Services) announced new telephone numbers of Contact Center available from November 1st 2021 . It seems to be a little step, but it’s a huge improvement for immigrants that finally will be able to get necessary information and make their appointments. Booking an appointment...
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