Company Incorporation

How does this work?

With us the company incorporation process is no longer a bureaucratic struggle that it traditionally is. You don’t have to fill out papers, stay in lines or waste time otherwise. Instead,  just fill out our online form, upload documents, pay fees, sign company statute and wait for the company certificates.

How can I sign the company statute?

After you fill out our online form, submit documents and pay the fees, we will send you the company statute that you will need to print out, sign and send us a scan.

What happens next?

At this point all you have to do is wait for the company certificates to be issued. As soon as your company’s registration process is completed, they will be sent to you by email.

Setup your company in less than a month!
Check below the list of services we offer.

Company incorporation
Company incorporation


one-time payment

  • Drafting of the company statute
  • Handling of all the documents
    related to company creation
  • Start of activity declaration
  • EU VAT registration
  • Social Security registration
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Management and address provision
Management and address provision


annual fee

  • Provision of legal address
  • Mail handling service
  • Help with getting accountant
  • Advisory services
  • Help with management
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Find answers to frequently asked questions

What kind of companies can I incorporate?

Currently our platform allows you to incorporate an LLC - Limited Liability Company (in Portuguese LDA) or register as a freelancer.

How does shareholding structure for LLC work?

When filling out a registration form, you have to indicate the shareholding structure for your company, which basically means how the company is owned and managed. We allow up to 4 shareholders to be registered within one company. However please note that you also have the option to create a company with one shareholder (Unipessoal LDA).

What about age requirements for the shareholders?

We only allow legal age adults (18+) to be shareholders of the company.

How can I open a bank account for my company?

Currently we do not offer help with bank account opening, however in the future it will be possible to do on our platform.

How can I transfer the company capital?

During the registration you will have to indicate the company capital. This sum must be transferred to the bank account of your company within one year since the opening of your company.

What about accounting for my company?

We will be happy to refer you to amazing English Speaking accountants.

What will be the legal address of my company?

We provide a legal address for your company in Portugal. It will be stated in the documents that you will receive via email. All corporate mail relating to your company received at this address will be digitalized and sent to you by email.

How soon will I receive the company statute for further signing?

Usually, the company statute is sent within 3 business days from the date you applied.

Accordion How long does it take to register the company since I signed the company statute?

The company will be registered in one week.