Obtaining a Portuguese Golden Visa

Portugal is not only a strong country which has a high-quality health care, education and security level, but also a place with excellent climatic conditions, amazing nature and vast historical heritage.

  • As a resident of Portugal, you can move freely throughout the Schengen area;
  • The ability to get permanent residence with investment in different fields;
  • The possibility to get citizenship in 5-6 years, which allows you to live and work almost anywhere in the EU/EEA. Thus obtaining the fourth best passport in the world.

Important requirements: 

  • Spend minimum 7 days in Portugal during your first year of using Golden Visa;
  • In following two-year period you have to spend there at least 14 days;
  • Maintain investments for a minimum of five years.

Ways of investing in Portugal to get Golden Visa

There are various ways of investing in the Portuguese economy, which give you the right to get the Golden Visa and all its advantages.

  1. The common option is to purchase real estate in Portugal, worth 500 thousand euros and higher. The other way is a transfer of a capital in the amount of 1,000,000 euros.
  2. A relatively inexpensive option is to create ten or more workplaces in Portugal.
  3. Another path is to transfer a capital of 350 thousand euros or more. In that way you purchase shares in venture and investment funds that are aimed at providing financing to companies.
  4. You also can invest in research of institutions of the national scientific system transfering a capital of 350000 euros or more.
  5. It is possible to invest in a support of the national heritage of Portuguese culture, in this case transfer of capital should be 250 thousand euros or more.
  6. One of the last is an investment of 350 thousand euros or more for the purchase of real estate that was constructed completely 30 years ago or earlier with the need of restoration works.

Sometimes the government announces unexpected changes in application requirements for a Portuguese Golden visa. For your safety and confidence we offer you to seek the assistance of the professionals who will prepare all the documents and process  the deal on the most beneficial terms for the client.

E-residence is a trusted partner that helps you to become an electronic resident quickly and securely. Our services include:

  • Opening a bank account
  • Obtaining NIF online
  • Registering a company in the EU
  • NHR
  • D 7 Visa
  • Golden Visa
  • Accounting services
  • Business banking service

After becoming an electronic resident with us, you can register your EU company online and manage your business remotely.

What do you need to apply for a Portuguese Golden visa

To obtain a Golden Visa in Portugal you need to collect the required documents and follow certain rules. When you trust lawyers of E-residence, even complicated case can be solved easier and safer. Our competent consultations will help you to take the right steps in applying for a Golden Visa in Portugal.

What has to be done and what documents you should prepare:

  • Get the Portuguese NIF 
  • Open a Portuguese bank account
  • Make investments in Portugal
  • Collect documents from your country
  • Legalize documents
  • Translate documents to a Portuguese language
  • Collect documents in Portugal
  • Fill out and submit a gold visa application
  • Pay fees and wait for response with preliminary approval from SEF
  • Get a residence card for two years
  • The extension of documents is required by the end of second year

The E-residence company has proved to be a reliable partner and assistant in running a business in Portugal and receiving all the necessary documents, supporting the client at all stages until the main goal is reached.

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