Do you need to open a Portuguese bank account?

We offer the service of individual bank account opening. Thanks to our cooperation with two most trustable Portuguese banks we are able to offer a simplified procedure and a possibility of choice.

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Here you can see how all your codes of access will look and how to enter the mobile bank application using them.
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There are two options for the bank account opening:


Open bank account remotely


Open bank account in Portugal

Please, note: to open a business bank account it’s required to obtain a personal account first.


All communication with the bank will be handled by our local legal team that is located in Portugal.


Simple and fast procedure to save you the time and effort.


You will have a dedicated account manager, always within easy reach of just a WhatsApp text.


Bank account features:


Prestige NB 360


8.20 EUR


250 EUR


Required documents:

IMPORTANT! Please note that all documents you provide must be either in English or Portuguese as well certified and apostilled.

1. Passport scan

Only allowed format is scanned copies, photos are not accepted.

2. Proof of residence

Can be for example a utility/phone bill, signed rental agreement, scan of a document containing your name and address, etc.

3. Proof of profession

Can be a signed work contract, income statement, company statement. Signed manually by pen, no digital signatures.

4. Portuguese NIF

NIF is a portuguese tax identification number that is emitted by the Tax Department. It’s required for most of financial activities in Portugal. If you don’t have it yet, you can get it online in 3 days with our services.

5. Tax number from the country of residence

If you are taxed outside of Portugal, you are required to provide a document containing your tax ID number from this country. It should be the Tax Number of the same country, that is written in address field in your NIF certificate! Please note that some countries put this number in passports or identification cards. It is up to you to provide all the required information.

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Process of account opening online


You are required to pay a 300 EUR processing fee when submitting your application.

This fee covers all expenses related to the opening procedures, however you are still supposed to deposit a minimum of 250 EUR to your bank account as well as pay the monthly 8.20 EUR bank fee for upkeep of your account.

You can find a lot of helpful information in our article about banking in Portugal.

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