Permit for a Golden Visa from SEF Portugal

When obtaining a golden visa in Portugal, everyone has to deal with the Immigration and Borders Service of Portugal (SEF) and it is considered too difficult  to achieve a meeting with them. Applicants are looking forward to this meeting in order to get a residence permit in Portugal. Many of them faced this problem and regret that they did not seek the help of qualified lawyers who would speed up the process of obtaining all statuses and permits immediately.

Without knowing the laws of Portugal most people are trying to figure out all the points in collecting and submitting the necessary documents, obtaining permits and statuses from the SEF of Portugal, which takes a lot of time and makes them worried in vain.


A huge problem now are delays due to the pandemic situation, security measures and a reduction in the number of services provided by the Portuguese migration service. When making an appointment online to SEF to apply for Golden Visa, big delays occurs. Nevertheless most of the the appointments are canceled and new open spaces for appontments appear in the booking system. If you are not in Portugal yet, then registration to the appointment will be a problem.

The fact is that most of applicants do not have access to the SEF portal but it has a hired lawyer. Lawyers and their assistants have the option to track and update the booking page on the SEF portal and will be able to advise you about the new open space for the appontment and will do so as soon as possible. It is not a secret that as soon as new open spaces for appontments appear on the portal, they are very fast reserved by lawyers for their clients.

Why is it safer and reliable with a lawyer

Lawyers of E-residense which is located directly in Portugal (this is important!) have unlimited opportunities in the field of:

  • Obtaining Portuguese Golden Visa (online)
  • Opening D7 visa (online)
  • Opening bank accounts in Portugal (online)
  • NHR (special tax regime with 0%)
  • NIF for 3 days! (online)
  • Creation businesses in the EU (online)
  • Accounting in Portugal
  • All types of business banking for your business in Portugal

Thereby by entering into a contract with our lawyers you simplify all the tasks for obtaining various statuses in Portugal and save your time.  Quickly and safely with full support you get all the necessary range of legal services with a guarantee!

For those who need a Schengen visa to enter  Portugal some difficulties may arise. An appointment can be scheduled in just one week or it may be in months. If Schengen visa is required to enter, it may take too much time to arrive in Portugal.

All the difficulties that it is hard to anticipate and simply impossible to know to an ordinary person will be advised by our lawyers of the E-residense and will be directed to the right path in obtaining statuses in Portugal.

It should be noted that all those who have families and would like to get permission for the whole family and children, should take into consideration of how long it will take to process the documents of all relatives (especially children). The children must be under the age of 18 or be students and receive support from you at the time of issuing a visa.

Surely, contacting our highly qualified lawyers and jurists which specialize in obtaining  Golden Visa of Portugal and other types of permits will make the whole process easy, correct, accurate, safe and effective!

Very important when you apply for Golden Visa of Portugal

  • Be honest and clear in filling out all necessary documents for obtaining status in Portugal
  • Choose a verifed company 
  • Have a contract with a law firm
  • Fully trust your lawyer
  • Follow all the instructions and recommendations of your lawyer

The changes regarding Golden Visa that will take place in 2022 and the following delays will have no effect on your eligibility if you apply before the deadline. As soon as you receive pre-approval you will be able to move to Portugal, while you expect the completing of biometric data and obtaining a residence card. However, the time spent in Portugal before that is not counted against the time needed to obtain permanent residence and citizenship.

As everyone knows, the Golden Visa program is very successful for Portugal and its interests as well as for foreign applicants and investors. And changes that will take effect will improve quality and time. At this stage just listen to your lawyer from E-residense and take the right steps to get Golden Visa of Portugal.