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With us the company incorporation process is no longer a bureaucratic struggle that it traditionally is.
You don’t have to fill out papers, stay in lines or waste time otherwise. 
Instead,  just fill out our online form, upload documents, pay fees, sign company statute and wait for the company certificates.

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How to set up a company in Spain with us

Prepare your documents:

  • Scan of passport
  • NIE

Submit application form
in 5 minutes and pay setup fee

Sign all required documents

Receive your company certificate

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What kind of companies can I incorporate?

Currently our platform allows you to incorporate Sociedad Limitada (S.L.) - Similar to a private limited company (Ltd.), it is the most common type of company in Spain, especially for small to medium-sized enterprises. The minimum capital required is €3,000.

What about age requirements for the shareholders?

We only allow legal age adults (18+) to be shareholders of the company.

How can I open a bank account for my company?

You can open a bank account for your company using our service.

How can I transfer the company capital?

During the registration you will have to indicate the company capital. This sum must be transferred to the company account.

What documents I receive after compamy formation?

You will receive two documents

Deed of Incorporation (Escritura de Constitución): This is the foundational document of your company, executed before a notary. It includes essential information such as the company's name, corporate purpose, registered office, share capital, and the identity of the shareholders and directors.

Registration Certificate (Certificado de Registro Mercantil): This certificate is issued by the Commercial Registry once the company is officially registered. It confirms that the company has been legally incorporated and provides details such as the company's registered name, registration number, and date of registration.

How soon will I recieve the company statute for further signing?

Usually, the company statute is sent within 3 business days from the date you applied.

How long does it take to register the company since I signed the company statute?

Usually it takes up to weeks, but depends on the selected date of the company 

How can I sign the company statute?

After you fill out our online form, submit documents and pay the fees, we will send you the company statute that you will need to print out, sign and send us a scan.