Digital Nomad Visa Spain

For remote workers, nomads and entrepreneurs

Spain has introduced a Digital Nomad Visa, catering to individuals with location-flexible careers. For those in search of an idyllic lifestyle featuring affordable living costs, delightful climate, and an excellent base for exploration, Spain beckons. This is your essential guide to embracing life in Spain as a digital nomad, freelancer, or remote worker.

Remote workers who make at least €2520 a month can apply to Spanish new 'digital-nomad visa'.

Spain Digital Nomad Visa

Like several European nations, Spain has rolled out its own version of a visa program aimed at digital nomads, entrepreneurs, freelancers, or remote workers. The Spanish Digital Nomad Visa provides an appealing option for those with a steady income from outside Spain.

The Spanish Digital Nomad Visa grants a single entry and authorizes the holder to reside in Spain for an initial period of 6 months, surpassing the conventional 90-day limit for tourist visas.

Beyond the initial 6-month tenure, the Spanish Digital Nomad Visa offers the opportunity to secure a residency permit in Spain, extendable for up to two years. This permit can be renewed for an additional two years. After living in Spain for five years, it's possible to apply for a long-term residency or even citizenship, subject to meeting certain conditions.

For those contemplating a medium to long-term stay in Spain, leveraging the benefits of the Digital Nomad Visa could be your gateway to an enriching living experience in this vibrant country.


Benefits of Spain as a residence for digital nomads



Soft Climate and up to 300 sunny days per annum

Sea and Ocean! And that means great seafood, breathtaking views, beautiful beaches, surfing and other water activities.


Affordable housing

Absence of heavy industry and low pollution rates

Affordable Housing



Open-minded, modern government that provides support for new initiatives and facilitates development programs for start-ups and commerce


Money and taxation

One of the cheapest countries to live in the EU

Flexible taxation and exemptions under special regime for newcomers


Medicare and life

High quality healthcare

Very high quality of life



Super-friendly locals with the majority proficient in English

One of the lowest crime rates and highest security rates in EU

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Who is eligible for a new Visa and Residency Permit for Remote Work (Digital Nomad Visa)

Below we`ll list the most key requirements

Document Requirements for Spain Digital Nomad Visa

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What documents are required to prove employed income

This digital nomad visa allows remote workers, whether independent or under an employment contract, to work from Spain to entities with domicile or head offices located outside the national territory without needing another kind of visa.
In situations of employment contract, the digital nomad visa application must be accompanied by documents proving fiscal residence and average monthly income in the last three months of a minimum value equivalent to four guaranteed minimum monthly remunerations - €2520 (minimum monthly income 1260x2) and by one of the following documents:

  • The employment contract;
  • Statement from the employer proving the employment relationship.
What documents are required to prove self-employed income

In the case of self-employment, the application must be accompanied by documents proving tax residence and average monthly income in the last three months of a minimum value equivalent to four guaranteed minimum monthly remunerations - €2520 (minimum monthly income 1260x2) and by one of the following documents:

  • Memorandum of association;
  • Service provision contract or proposal of service provision contract;
  • Document demonstrating the services provided to one or more entities.

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