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Getting a Portuguese Tax ID (NIF) is crucial if you’re planning to relocate to Portugal. With a NIF, you’ll be able to legally operate your business in the country and enjoy its favorable tax regime. Ready to get started? E-Residence ensures you have everything you need to successfully launch your remote business in Portugal. Don’t miss out on the benefits that come with having a Portuguese Tax ID – Take the first step and we’ll handle the rest.

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Just 2 documents:

  • Scan of international passport
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100% money-back guarantee is a dedicated team of legal professionals, based in Portugal and offering its clients a very comprehensive list of services available 100% online.

Our team has developed a thorough guide that outlines all the necessary documents and requirements for your NIF application. To access this helpful resource, please click the button below.

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Complete the process 100% remotely. We work directly with the Tax Department to handle your documents for you.


Trusted by 15,000+ nomads, we assure you that your private documents are secure and in good hands.


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With 100% money back guarantee!

Got questions?

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What else do we provide?
What is a NIF?
NIF, more commonly referred to as simply “Contribuinte” stands for “Número de Identificação Fiscal” which translates as the Number of tax identification, is the first step and the cornerstone for any economic activity in Portugal. It is required for both residents and non-residents of Portugal that wish to open a bank account, do any kind of deals with real estate, acquire a residence permit, contract an internet provider, etc. Hence, if you are considering moving to Portugal, conducting any kind of business activities or even simply staying here for prolonged periods of time - registering NIF is a priority.
How long does it take to acquire a NIF?

Generally it takes from a couple of hours to a couple of days to issue a NIF Portugal, however it should be noted that the time depends first of all on the AT office and there have been cases when clients have waited up to a month to get their NIF. Please, take a note that the timeframe counts from the day of signing the Power of Attorney.

Does a NIF ever expire?

No, NIF does not have an expiration date and is issued “for life”. In case you lose your NIF, you will not be simply assigned a new number, you will have to start a new process from scratch and get a brand new document.

Which authority issues NIF?

The document is issued by “Autoridade Tributária e Aduaneira” (Tax and Customs Authority) and contains all tax and financial information of its holder. For non residents it is required to have a local tax representative.

What is this “tax representation”?

Foreigners recommended to have a local tax representative in order to file for a NIF. If you don't need it, let us know it before your application. Our processing fee covers the registration and tax representation for 1 year. It will be renewed in a one year for €99.

Can I change a fiscal representative/address/data in my NIF?

Yes, after you get residency you can change the address in your NIF, so you won't need a fiscal representative anymore. You can do it by yourself on the official website "portal das financas", visit tax office.

Also, you may set up an online notification channel (email and Portugal phone number) and ask the tax office to withdraw a representative.

How long does tax representation last?

According to the contract, our tax representation lasts 1 year, however it can be renewed. At the end of that year, your fiscal representation will automatically be renewed at a rate of €99/year. You may cancel this service after you become a Portugal tax resident and update your address with the tax office. More info about link.

How can I make a NIF for kids?

Required documents for NIF for minors:

  • scan of child's passport 
  • a birth certificate translated to English or Portuguese with an apostille (we offer the service of translation and notarization)
  • scans of both parents' passports
  • NIF certificate of at least one parent
Can I get a password for “portal das financas”?

Yes it is possible to request a password for this portal. In this case it will be sent to us and we will forward it to you.

Via link, you can find more info about password.

How will I receive my NIF?

In 100% cases, we send NIFs online in a PDF format. As soon as we get your document - we will send it to the email and WhatsApp you provided us.

Also, when you apply, you can add mail delivery.

What if i had temporary NIF?

Issuing of permanent NIF can be done after cancellation of temporary NIF, for this reason it can take more time than usually.

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