Social security identification numbers (NISS) enable unique, precise and rigorous nationwide identification for the purposes of social security and allow access to rights and obligations.

Applicable for foreign nationals who want to work in Portugal and who do not have an NISS.

You will receive your NISS in PDF format on email and WhatsApp

NISS online
How to apply for NISS

Prepare your documents:
– Passport

Submit application form
in 2 minutes and pay €150 processing fee

Complete identity verification in 2 minutes

Make a signature in the application to e-sign it in your form

Receive your NISS
in 5 working days

Who can applying for a social security identification number (NISS)?

Foreign nationals who are in Portugal to work:

  • as employees;
  • as self-employed workers;
  • as domestic workers.
Do I need to have a Portuguese address?

You should enter address in Portugal, it can be your address, address of your friend, hotel, hostel other.

There are not required to show any proof for it.