FastTrack High-Qualified Residence permit

Urgent relocation to Portugal for high-qualified specialists and their families.

It might seem complicated to prepare all required documents, get appointments, deal with websites in the portuguese language by yourself. That's why we offer a service of processing your case with legal support until you get the result. We help to reduce the amount of papers you need to prepare to apply, saving your time and money.


  • Passport
  • Bank statement – proof of min 1800 EUR/month remote income during the last year
  • Current working contract (optional)
  • Valid travel insurance


If you work remotely, not depending from the place and want to move as urgent as possible - this solution is for you.


We use Biometrical verification systems to protect your personal data and make the process totally remote.


Our team of local lawyers experienced in the immigration field lets you avoid language barrier and burocracy delays.