How to Get a NIF Number in Portugal?

NIF Portugal

If you are one of individuals wondering how to obtain a NIF number in Portugal, we are here to help you! Get acquainted with the material we have prepared for you in order to become aware of all the peculiarities of the process.

What is a NIF Number?

NIF is an abbreviation for Número de Identificação Fiscal. For those who want to get the answer to the “What is a NIF” question, here it is: this is a tax identification number that can be received by an individual. There are nine digits in it. It does not cost anything to receive a NIF but remember that if you want to have a tax card as a dweller of Portugal, you will have to input about seven euros.

Who Must Use the Portuguese NIF Number?

Getting a NIF is vital for everyone who resides in Portugal. But it is going to be even more important if your daily activities are connected with legal stuff such as getting property or opening an account in the bank. Also, if you would like to receive a loan or sign a phone contract, you will be obliged to have a NIF.

Those who do not have a NIF won’t have any issues speaking of the Portugal law but nevertheless, there are a lot of situations where you won’t be able to deal without it.

Where Can I Use My Portuguese NIF Number?

NIF Portugal is something you have to use if you would like to be involved in the following stuff:

  • Opening an account in the bank;
  • Being a student of the local university;
  • Buying or selling the property of any kind;
  • Paying taxes in this country;
  • Obtaining payments from social security;
  • Inheriting assets in Portugal;
  • Buying a car and an application of a driving license;
  • Signing a contract for a mortgage or a mobile phone;
  • Setting up utilities, etc.

So, this list is proof of the fact that it is really hard to deal without a NIF in Portugal. But don’t worry! It is not that difficult to receive it if you know what to do!

How to Get a NIF Number in Portugal

You can probably guess that the procedure of getting a NIF differs for the EU and non-EU residents. We are ready to tell you about it below.

The first thing you need to bear in mind is this: you can get involved in the procedure of getting a Portugal NIF number on your own or you can ask for professional assistance while doing this. Naturally, the second way is linked to more guarantees and great speed.

Non-EU Residents

First, you have an opportunity to receive a NIF in person. But note that you have to be accompanied by your tax representative. Or, the representative can do all the necessary stuff on your behalf if you do not live in Portugal. Also, you can get it online. Pay attention that you will have to pay a fee that is about 10 euros.

EU/EEA Residents

In this case, you have a couple of options too. First, you can stick to receiving a NIF in person, and this is a process that consists of several steps. Second, you can opt for getting an identification number via email (after you send a copy of the proof of address and a passport, you can count on getting a NIF in the period from three to five days).

Step by Step Guide

Let’s look at the list of the actions you should stick to in order to complete the process of receiving a NIF successfully:

  1. Step one is about getting all the necessary documents together. 

The main one here is a passport or identity card. If you have a representative or a lawyer who is going to act on your behalf, then, do not forget about preparing a scanned and signed copy. In case you are a non-EU/EEA citizen, you won’t be able to deal without providing your passport.

Also, take care of the proof of residency. Those currently residing in Portugal have to prepare such proof by means of suggesting a utility bill or a rental agreement. If you are the one applying for a NIF from abroad, then, you have to send a document to your lawyer or representative (a bank statement of the address. Note that it cannot be older than three months.

  1. Step two is visiting the closest government office (Finanças) that is located not far from you. Get there with what we have listed above.
  2. Step three is actual receiving of a NIF. After all the documents are submitted, feel free to receive a NIF. It is not going to take much time and by the way, it is not going to expire.

What is the Role of NIF Number through Portugal Golden Visa Process?

The matter is that in order to proceed with the transactions vital for obtaining a Golden Visa, this number has to be applied too. so, in case you are an investor who plans to apply for a Golden Visa, you can request a NIF at the same time.

Do not worry if you are a non-EU/EEA resident as long as you can apply for the program and a NIF too.

How to Get NIF with E-residence?

Well, we have already mentioned that you can get involved in receiving a NIF on your own but also, it is a great idea to stick to professional assistance. In this case, you can get NIF online too.

It is going to be extremely easy and quick. Note that you will have to provide just two documents which are a scan of the international passport and proof of address (enclose your utility bill or a bank statement).

Your NIF will be sent to the email you will indicate in the PDF format. Also, E-residence is ready to offer a 100% money-back guarantee! In most cases, the process will be completed within three days (certainly, there might be some exceptions).

So, if you wonder how to get a NIF in Portugal, choose the most rational variant and stick to it as long as time is the most precious resource. And you will save it by cooperating with the professionals!