Why Portugal?

Portugal is an amazing place to live. There are many perks and even 100 pages wouldn’t be enough to describe this experience. But let’s just talk some quick facts and figures. Also feel free to explore our FAQ about Portugal!

Many times Portugal took the first place in expat ratings and independent surveys and was numerously voted the number 1 destination for expats.

  • Soft Climate and up to 300 sunny days per annum
  • Ocean! And that means great seafood, breathtaking views, beautiful beaches, surfing and other water activities.
  • Super-friendly locals with the majority proficient in English
  • One of the lowest crime rates and highest security rates in EU
  • Very high quality of life
  • One of the cheapest countries to live in the EU
  • Open minded, modern government that provides support for new initiatives and facilitates development programmes for start ups and commerce
  • High availability for loans under low annual interest rate
  • High quality healthcare
  • Flexible taxation and exemptions under NHR regime for newcomers
  • Absence of heavy industry and low pollution rates
  • Affordable Housing
What’s the deal with portuguese?

Surely you can get by with english and perhaps the basics of portuguese, however if you are looking to integrate into society and connect with locals, you should definitely invest some time into learning the language.

What is the weather like?

Depends on the region where you live. But bear in mind that proximity to the ocean can mean strong winds at times and also high humidity. Nevertheless in general the climate is soft all year round.

How is the local food?

Abundance of various seafoods, bread and pastries, fruits, vegetables and some good coffee is how we would sum up the local food scene. Lots of delicious local dishes to try!

What’s the go-to website for real estate?

I would highly recommend “Idealista”. In our opinion it is simply the best search engine for buying/renting property. Airbnb is fine too, but it doesn’t have as many options.

How to find real estate elsewhere?

You can always check out local agencies and turn to their services. The biggest ones are usually Re-Max and Century 21. Otherwise we would recommend checking expat groups on facebook, they often have discussions on the topic and people offer their properties to rent/buy there.

Important things to know about renting?

Keep in mind that the safest way to rent something is by doing it legally with an agreement that clearly defines the rights and obligations of each party. Also if you are going to file for a residency permit in Portugal you will need to prove a local residence address. To conclude a rental agreement you will need a local tax number (NIF). Usually the landlord will ask for 1-2 months of deposit money upfront as an insurance in case they suffer any material losses incurred by the tenant. Also, it is highly advised to read the agreement and fully understand it before signing in order to avoid unpleasant situations. And one last thing - Portuguese people are keen on negotiating and oftentimes the prices can go down if you are not shy to speak about it.

What about internet in Portugal?

In general, internet is decent and speeds are satisfactory. If we are talking internet providers - Vodafone is probably the safest bet.

Owning cars in Portugal and driving?

This topic is tricky. Car prices in Portugal are surprisingly high and many people prefer to bring their own cars with them. However rental is affordable and there are many local small companies that have very cheap rates. The roads and infrastructure in general is in good shape. If you plan to travel a lot by car, it is advised to invest in a “via-verde” card-linked device that will allow you to bypass queues at toll roads and head through the automated passage ways.

What is the situation with banks?

If you want to open a personal bank account, any bank will do. The biggest bank of Portugal is Caixa Geral Depositos, it is state owned and considered the safest bet. For business banking, we personally work with “Wize” and when registering a company with us, you will have the option to create a business bank account through them.

Can I get a password for “portal das financas”?

Yes it is possible to request a password for this portal. In this case it will be sent to us and we will forward it to you.