NIE Spain: Receive It As Fast As Possible!

NIE Spain

It may be so important for someone to get NIE quickly that this person starts to search for the spot to do it asap. Well, there is one variant to stick to: it is obtaining NIE online. Such a way does not require a lot of effort from the client which makes the option preferable today. Use this article to the fullest to learn the essential info about the process.

A Small Intro to Spanish NIE

NIE serves as the abbreviation for the Número de Identidad de Extranjero. It is an ID for foreigners that turns out to be irreplaceable for those who would like to be involved in plenty of stuff. Apart from this, NIE is used as a tax number.

To be exact, NIE has to be presented in the following cases:


    • Buying a car;

    • Getting a property;

    • Connecting to the utilities, etc.

Additionally, NIE is also necessary for those who intend to apply for a Digital Nomad Visa Spain (freelancers or those who have the desire to establish a company in Spain). 

Getting NIE Online: Why Is It Great?

As it has already been stated, it is about a nice speed to come across. It does not take too much time to apply for NIE online. And, the actual process of issuing your document is also considerably fast. 

Apart from this, it is just really convenient. The clients do not have to spend their money to get to Spain or send the originals. The copies are going to be just fine. And, the documents do not have to be notarized either. At least, such an option is provided by certain intermediaries online (not all of them do this).

By the way, not having to go to Spain also means that you will save some money (getting NIE online will certainly be cheaper than a visit to another country).

Can You Be Sure That NIE Will Be Issued on Time?

The factor that matters most of all here is selecting the right kind of team to deal with. Only experienced specialists will be able to handle the request in a fine way and present the ready result to you.

By the way, one more important thing is this: some service providers are eager to let the clients track the progress of their NIE issuing. This is very convenient, and you are going to feel far more confident about your final result as a client. To be able to get engaged in such tracking, it is enough just to register on the site of the intermediary. If there are some alterations, the client is normally notified about them with the help of an email that he has indicated before.

So, it is essential to ask whether such a service is provided in advance. This has to be done on the step of getting acquainted with the representatives of the team. And, taking such a step as familiarizing yourself with several reviews about the team can also be the guarantee of your future confidence. Pay enough attention to such an aspect too.

The Process: What Exactly Shall You Expect?

Naturally, those who would like to get their NIE Spain online, want to be well aware of how things are going to look and be arranged. Follow this section of the article to learn this.

Well, the first step that has to be taken is entering the official site of the service provider. This is the sequence of actions that need to be performed after that:


    • Studying the description of the service of getting NIE carefully (the process is likely to differ a bit depending on the intermediary that is chosen);

    • Asking questions that worry you and refer to the process of receiving NIE online;

    • Paying a processing fee (it is also different but expect to input around 200 EUR; it is a fine cost for this type of assistance that will be presented to you);

    • Filling out the application form and presenting the passport;

    • E-signing the power of attorney;

    • Waiting till your NIE is ready.

The period of issuing NIE may vary and depend on several factors. But typically, the process takes from several weeks to a month. So, it is vital to plan your activities and apply for receiving NIE in advance. In this case, you will have a chance to get it in accordance with the date that is relevant and important to you.

So, this is what the process of receiving NIE online looks like. It is as simple and cool as possible which makes the option so loved by the clients.

And What About Getting NIE in Person?

Certainly, you are free to choose such a path if you want to. This way seems to be more trustworthy to some people. However, it is essential to realize that in this case, more effort has to be made.

So, it is real to request NIE right in Spain or at the Consular Office of the country the applicant resides in. By the way, the assistance of the representative is okay in this case. At the same time, it is impossible to miss a personal visit though.

As for the documents that have to be presented while applying this way, here is the list of them:


    • Passport (the original of it);

    • EX-15 application form (the original and one copy of it) that is fully completed and signed after that;

    • Proof of residence;

    • Form 790, code 12.

Apart from this, it is essential to pay a fee. If this is a representative who applies, his passport has to be presented too. Also, it is obligatory to enclose a power of attorney.

Think about which way of receiving NIE suits you best. Consider all the advantages and disadvantages that work personally in your case. After this, you will certainly be able to make a decision. But the majority of busy people who value their time opt for receiving NIE with the help of the online variant.

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