I am sure that many people would agree that past year was a decisive point in determining the future of our lifestyle. Although somewhat involuntarily, nevertheless we all made a sudden transition from the traditional way of life to an absolutely new reality that affected all our spheres of life. One of such spheres is the way we work. A recent study concluded that an average person works for approximately 10.3 years throughout his/her life. Of course it’s less than the 25 years that we sleep, but still it is a big number if you think about it. 

With the new rules and regulations concerning our work conditions one thing became abundantly clear – in the near future most of the work will be transformed online and let’s face it, this trend is only gaining strength. Moreover, regardless of the COVID situation, people are getting less attached to their physical location. Nowadays a growing number of people can actually work from anywhere around the globe. All they need is a good internet connection! And if you take into consideration the financial part of the question, it becomes evident that there are a number of places on this planet where a healthy paycheck in euro/dollars looks even more healthier.

One of such prime destinations is of course Portugal. 300 days of sun per year is one thing, but great wine for 2€/bottle is something else entirely! Of course the wine reference is there for gigs, but let’s get serious for a moment and talk money. For those who were not already aware – Portugal is a country with very affordable prices. And I mean it, literally! Let’s get one thing clear straight off the bat – I’m not referring to some statistics or info from the web, I’m talking from personal experience of living here. 

If you compare Portugal to any other EU country, the prices are in fact extremely low. You can head to the store and buy a week worth of the freshest, tastiest and healthiest groceries for as little as 50€. Then if we consider transportation fees, I for one take a cab from home to office for 3€. When I get tired of cooking, I can get a perfect Italian pizza from Uber Eats for something like 10€ including delivery. But let’s not get distracted from the topic.

What we are seeing is a growing number of people that are no longer attached to the place of their current residence. Even if they receive an “average” salary in terms of their country, it can still have a formidable buying capability. The only problem that most people face when they start considering the possibility of relocation is the difficulties that arise from the whole process and it is perfectly understandable.

Nowadays the focus of attention for governments is swiftly shifting to making their country “available” for foreigners. In Portugal the government seems to understand this entirely, hence why government services are getting more conventional and available completely online. If you read the previous article, you would also remember about the E-Residency 2.0 launching this year, which is going to grant even more autonomy for people that want to do business in Portugal. 

On our platform you can also encounter many services that are made available completely online for people that want to move or take their “negocios” to Portugal. We are dedicated to supporting globalisation and government efforts to provide key functions from the web.