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D7 Visa Portugal: a Full Guide for Those Who Are Interested

D7 Visa Portugal

If a D7 Visa Portugal has become a matter of your concern and you intend to apply for it soon, you need to have quite a strong knowledge base behind the process. Therefore, it is a brilliant idea to familiarize yourself with the article suggested below. So, let’s begin the info journey together, and you will surely be able to receive this visa!

D7 Visa: Intro to Start with

The D7 visa appeared in 2007 which means that it has been a long time since then and a lot of people have already managed to apply for it. The other names used for the visa are a Passive Income Visa and a Retirement Visa.

According to the rules linked to obtaining the visa, it can be given to non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizens who would like to live in Portugal. But this residence permit is thought to be a temporary one. 

By the way, if you intend to get such a visa, you can also grab your family members with you. this is one of the best advantages of the visa to keep in mind.

Why Is It a Great Idea to Apply for a D7 Visa Portugal?

It is really important to be aware of all the benefits of this visa because it will help you to stay motivated enough when being involved in the process of getting ready for applying. Let’s take a look at the most important stuff that matters.

  1. You will be able to apply for citizenship after five years. This is one of the most significant reasons that drive people to prepare all that is necessary to get a visa.
  2. You get a unique chance to get engaged in professional activities in Portugal.
  3. You may travel to any Schengen country without a visa. This is the privilege of the Portuguese citizens by the way.
  4. The National Healthcare Service becomes available to you as soon as you get the visa.
  5. There is a chance to apply for the NHR status once you complete applying for the visa. It is going to help you to pay lower taxes in Portugal.

It sounds like enough, right?

Check That You Can Apply for This Visa at All

First of all, this is a really nice visa for those who refer to the category of freelancers. But there is also one more visa that you can think of in this case which is a Digital Nomad Visa Portugal.

Here are the basic requirements to bear in mind in connection with a D7 Visa Portugal:

  • Your age is at least 18 years old;
  • Your income reaches the minimum set in Portugal;
  • You are eager to collect all the documents that are linked to the process of applying for a visa.

This kind of visa can also be received by those who plan to retire.

Describing the Process of Applying for a Portugal D7 Visa

It is important to remember that the whole procedure consists of two basic steps to take. The first one is actual applying for a visa while the second is going to Portugal where you will receive a residence permit.

It is advisable to apply for a visa three months before you plan a visit to Portugal. Note that it is real to apply just from the country of your residence. And, you need to collect all proper documents in advance so as not to lose time. Besides, it is essential to make sure that nothing is missing and that there are no mistakes to come across.

To be able to complete the first part of applying for a D7 Visa Portugal, you need to prepare some vital documents. They are going to be given below.

Once you are ready with the docs and have completed the D7 visa application form, you can proceed with taking the next steps which are as follows:

  • Submitting a visa application and waiting for the results;
  • Getting to Portugal;
  • Attending the SEF appointment;
  • Receiving a residence permit in Portugal.

So, there are not that many steps to take here. If you don’t hurry, you will surely be fine and will not come across any major hardships.

The List of Documents to Present for Those Who Intend to Get a D7 Visa

The enumeration to deal with can seem to be rather lengthy for the first time. However, it is important to be as consistent as possible. This will help you to get the result you expect which is obtaining a visa.

  1. A Portuguese NIF (a taxpayer ID).
  2. Proof of accommodation.
  3. A clean criminal record.
  4. Statement of income that has to deal with the minimum income requirements.
  5. Full health insurance.

Apart from this, it is vital to open an account in one of the Portuguese banks and meet a minimum stay requirement. So, let’s deal with everything in detail.

A Portuguese NIF: Where Can You Receive It?

The easiest option to deal with is a remote one. Simply choose one of the good service providers and go ahead with applying for this document! You won’t be able to get engaged in any financial activity without it so you’d better not postpone it and do it as soon as possible.

Proof of Accommodation: What Has to Be Considered?

You cannot just go to Portugal without a sort of preliminary preparation. Well, you should have a long-term rental agreement (a one year minimum) and must be able to present it when applying for a D7 visa. Some of the applicants prefer to buy a property. This is one of the solutions to stick to.

Pay attention to the fact that you cannot stay at the hotel or deal with Airbnb as an option. This is not going to be accepted when considering your visa application.

A Clean Criminal Record: Plan Your Time in Advance

You need to receive this document before you apply for a visa. So, schedule this stuff beforehand. By the way, it is possible to request such a check in a remote way in some cases.

Minimum Income Requirements

Those who intend to apply for a Portugal D7 visa should prove that everything is okay with their income and they can afford to live with a family (if this is the case) in Portugal. It is a good idea to state not only the income you currently have but pay attention to the savings.

Full Health Insurance 

The health insurance must be paid in advance, and it is at least a one year period. The minimum medical insurance should be worth 30,000 EUR. 

Opening a Bank Account

Opening a bank account is not as hard as you might think. And, it is going to be even easier if you intend to do this with the help of an online intermediary. But first, it is important to receive NIF. When you are done with this (feel free to stick to the service provider too), you can request to open a bank account. There are a few documents you will need to present for this. as for the minimum deposit you should have, it is 7,000 EUR if you are single. Married couples must have 10,500 EUR in their account.

A Minimum Stay Requirement

Following this rule is explained rather easily: if you do not meet this requirement, you will simply lose your residence status.

Well, there is an initial residency permit which covers a minimum of sixteen months within two years. If you are absent for longer than six months in a row, your permit can be revoked. Apart from this, there is a subsequent residency permit which is all about at least twenty-eight months within a period of three years. Again, being absent for more than half a year can result in revoking the permit.

Is There Anything Else to Present Apart from What Has Been Mentioned?

There are a few other documents you need to get ready too. This is what you need to take care of:

  1. The D7 Visa Application form.
  2. A valid passport and two passport-sized photos.
  3. A cover letter. It has to include strong reasoning of why you want to get to Portugal.
  4. A money order.

These are the documents you will deal with completely on your own. So, let’s see what you should bear in mind.

A D7 Visa Application Form

First of all, it is essential to come across the latest form that has been introduced. When you start to fill out this application, you need to be certain that you do not make any mistakes. Stating incorrect data can result in declining the application, and you will be losing your time. That is why it is so important to be as attentive as possible.

There is an opportunity to deal with this form online. But it is vital to download and print the form too.

What if you do not speak Portuguese? It’s okay! The matter is that all Portuguese embassies accept applications that are filled out in English. That is why you are free to complete everything in English.

A Passport and Photos to Get Ready

There is nothing hard in preparing this. Here is one requirement to keep in mind: a passport has to be valid for at least two years when you apply for the D7 visa. This is a period of time that is about to turn out to be okay for receiving the visa and getting to Portugal.

The passport is typically submitted at one of the latest stages of applying for a D7 visa. This is done when the application is successful in general. You will receive a visa sticker in the Portuguese Embassy. If you send the passport copies by mail, they have to be notarized. This is an important point to consider.

As for the photos, they should be of the necessary size (a passport one).

Cover Letter: Presenting a Perfect One to Increase Your Chances to Succeed

The cover letter should contain all basic details and info about you (like what is your job, whether you are retired or not, and what education you have). There also should be a date and your signature. Here is what you need to mention there for sure:

  • Why you want to receive a temporary residence permit in the country (probably, there is something in particular that attracts you, it can be the climate in the country, nice conditions of work and so on);
  • Whether you have some ties in Portugal or not. For instance, some of your friends or family members can live there. Apart from this, you might have already opened a bank account in Portugal or bought property there;
  • What income you have (how you are going to provide for yourself and your family; enclosing passive income accounts is a nice idea to stick to);
  • Where you intend to stay in Portugal (this has already been mentioned in the article; it is important to have a long-term rental agreement that is going to work for at least one year);
  • What kind of accommodation you have got if this is the case.

There is no set length of the cover letter. But you need to realize that the more important info you mention, the better it really is. If you are going to get to Portugal with your family members, they should also prepare letters of this kind.

There are quite a few nice examples of cover letters given on the Net. Feel free to investigate them, add your own ideas, and you will surely be fine! 

Dealing with the Money Order

The money order has to refer to the Portuguese Embassy you will be working with in order to apply for a D7 Visa Portugal. First of all, you will need to pay a courier fee for sending the application by mail (in this case, the application has to be notarized). Apart from this, there is a service fee. 

Now you are well aware of the docs and stuff to get ready and you can start the process asap!

The Step of Submitting the Application

Once you are sure of the fact that all documents are ready, it is time to get closer to the actual applying. Find a local Portuguese Embassy or Consulate and schedule a visit.

Don’t forget that you will be obliged to pay for the visa application. The fee is 75 EUR (it is likely to change when you apply). The same refers to the residence permit.

It is okay if the officials ask you to leave the passport. It is what a procedure typically looks like. The matter is that the visa will be attached right there in case you get the approval.

The Step of Receiving a Visa

As soon as you learn that the application was accepted and you got through everything successfully, you are likely to be really excited, right? Now, the great part of the work is behind. You should visit the Embassy again after you are informed. This can be done either by mail or email.

The whole process typically takes from about two to three months. So, you don’t need to wait too much! It is essential to make sure that all data stated in your new visa is correct. Otherwise, you are likely to experience issues when getting to Portugal. One of the worst ones is the inability to pass border control.

Getting Ready to Travel to Portugal and Passing a Residence Permit Interview

When you have received a new visa, you have some time to arrange a visit to Portugal. It is four months. Once you state the date, the Embassy will assist you with scheduling an appointment at SEF.

The actual SEF appointment is about to take no longer than twenty minutes. Do not forget all copies and originals of the documents that are necessary. The key stuff has to be translated into Portuguese.

Don’t worry! Getting the necessary docs ready is not going to turn into a lengthy and tiring process. You almost have everything as soon as you are preparing to apply for a Portuguese D7 visa. So, this is what you need to bring.

  • The application form;
  • Two recent photos (they should be in color and be of nice quality);
  • A valid residency visa (it is normally attached to the passport);
  • Your passport with copies of it;
  • Permission to check your criminal record (this is the step that will be taken by the Portuguese Police);
  • Proof of accommodation (a rental agreement is just fine);
  • Statement of your income;
  • NIF;
  • A social security document;
  • The statement of having sufficient medical insurance.

If everything is okay and you go through the appointment successfully, you will receive your residence permit. It is normally sent to the local post office or home address. So, two weeks of waiting for it is okay.

NIF Portugal: Choosing the Service Provider That Will Help You to Obtain It

You surely need to have a Portuguese NIF number if you plan to apply for the D7 Visa Portugal. And, it can be a great first step to take as long as you will have to refer to the help to get it.

One of the best solutions to stick to is selecting a nice intermediary who will guide you and instruct you on what you need to present in order to receive your NIF number. This is what you shall pay attention to while picking one of the most reliable intermediaries that work in the online market of similar services today.

  1. Look at the site of the provider. It should be easy to deal with. It is great when you are able to figure out what docs to prepare and how much to pay for the service you are about to get. If you can’t find this info, it is a rather bad sign.
  2. Compare the price suggested by the provider to the cost that is offered by other intermediaries. It has to be adequate and affordable for you. But note that the faster you expect to obtain a NIF number, the more you should expect to pay for such a speedy service.
  3. Take a look at the list of docs closer. Normally, those who stick to the services of online intermediaries have a chance to come across simple assistance which is all about having to present just a few documents. They are your ID and proof of address outside Portugal. This must be more than enough.
  4. Do not forget to read a few reviews about the intermediary. You may visit several sites for such a purpose and explore the section right on the website of the intermediary.

Well, this is it. As soon as you select a service provider to work with, it is time to get the docs ready and enclose them in the special space that is indicated on the website. Typically, you may have to deal with filling out the application too. Besides, it is essential to pay a fee too (but this can be the first step on the way to fulfilling your NIF-getting dream). The team of e-residence will never let you down if you choose it as long as it works in accordance with the criteria that were stated above.

Then, you will just have to wait for several business days. The period of expectation can vary from three days to a few weeks.

What Shall You Do After You Get Your NIF?

The next logical step to take is to open an account in one of the reliable banks in Portugal. One of them is Novobanco. The list of the necessary docs here is going to be greater if compared to the service of receiving NIF but you will be able to handle it for sure.

Well, while you are waiting till your bank account is opened, it is a great idea to start collecting other documents for applying for a D7 Visa Portugal. Besides, begin to work on your cover letter. Wish best of luck with all this stuff!