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Intro to Portugal Digital Nomad Visa

Portugal Digital Nomad Visa

The necessity to apply for a Portugal Digital Nomad Visa can take place anytime. This article is going to be a wonderful help for those who plan to deal with such stuff. So, go ahead and take a look at it!

What Is a Digital Nomad at All?

The first thing to keep in mind is this: digital nomads are involved in their professional activities in a remote way. And, getting engaged in such work is normally combined with traveling to various locations. By the way, these people do not just sit in the apartments with their laptops. They use every available opportunity to deal with their tasks: it may be a library, a coffee shop with access to the Internet, or any other place.

Some of the greatest advantages of being a digital nomad are the chance to see the world (and, live in the spot that seems to be the most attractive to you), and the opportunity to make a lot of friends.

Why Is Portugal a Cool Place to Choose as a Residence?

Portugal is thought to be one of the best locations for living in general. Here are the reasons that justify this:

  • The weather here is wonderful. It is very pleasant to spend time by the ocean, surfing, and so on. And, it is especially super when it can be combined with work!
  • Housing in Portugal is considered to be rather affordable. And, it is one of the cheapest countries to reside in compared to other countries in the EU. By the way, those who get NHR status can enjoy plenty of exemptions too which is very nice to face;
  • It is very pleasant to deal with people here in Portugal. Locals are really friendly here so you can always count on getting help when you need it.

By the way, Portugal is also thought to be a place that is characterized by the affordable cost of living in general (not only the accommodation matter). However, do not expect everything to be too cheap though! It is still smart to be sensible when speaking of finance you possess and try to increase the income you get from your work activities. 

Apart from this, there are a few other reasons why non-residents choose Portugal as their destination. They differ for everyone but the truth is that it is a really nice place to be at.

Are Digital Nomad Visas Different?

Digital Nomad Visa in Portugal is not represented in just one kind. There are two types of such a visa to learn about. Let’s deal with them in a more detailed way.

The first kind to touch upon is a temporary stay visa. This is the type of visa that is considered to be the most suitable for those who would love to reside in Portugal and work remotely. This visa is going to last for one year, and it can be extended up to four times within a period of five years. It will be a great option in case a person wants to try living in Portugal but does not want to become a long-term resident.

The second type to come across is a residence visa. According to this one, the person will strive to reside in the country for a longer period. It is a nice step for those who want to have Portuguese citizenship later.

As for the requirements for a temporary stay visa (that is chosen most frequently), they are as follows:

  • You should be a non-EU/EEA/Swiss citizen;
  • Your minimum income must equal 2800 EUR per month;
  • You should have a clan criminal record and proof of accommodation in Portugal that is going to be eligible for one year;
  • It is necessary to have NIF upon arrival to Portugal.

What about the Residence Visa as the Second Kind of a Digital Nomad Option?

Despite the fact that a temporary stay visa is chosen more commonly, there is still a sense in talking about a residency visa as long as people apply for it too.

So, if you are the person who intends to request this visa, you may be able to apply for permanent residency in Portugal after five years. By the way, there is a chance to receive Portuguese citizenship as well! It should be clear that it is going to be vital to meet all necessary requirements to achieve such a goal though.

Citizenship is a great matter as long as it is about to present a person with a chance to live, work, and be involved in any activity on a legal basis. And, it might be done not just in Portugal but in any other EU country.

A Step-by-Step Process of Applying for a Digital Nomad Visa

First of all, it is essential to highlight what the Digital Nomad Visa is all about. Well, it allows foreigners to stay and live in Portugal on a legal basis. And, it refers to those who can call themselves digital nomads.

It is not going to be hard to apply for a Digital Nomad Visa. At least, this is about to be true in case you know what to do very well. The best option to deal with it is to contact a reliable provider that will assist you with applying for this kind of visa in a proper way. In this case, you will not have to worry that something may go wrong and you will not receive your visa at all.

Well, as soon as you have decided what team will be helping you, it is time to work on Step 1. It is all about getting the documents (that are essential for applying for the visa) ready. Typically, all trustworthy intermediaries will suggest identical lists of them. This is what you will need to enclose:

  1. A passport that is valid (to be exact, it has to be valid half a year after the visa expires).
  2. Proof of address. There are a few ways to present it. A rental agreement or proof of having a property in Portugal is going to be just fine.
  3. Clean criminal record. It is obvious that to state this, you will need to interact with authorities in your home country.
  4. Two passport-sized photos.
  5. Proof of income. This may be a work contract, bank statement, or anything else in case you will receive income when you stay in Portugal.
  6. Also, a Digital Nomad Visa Application form will have to be completed. It is important to make sure that all the details are stated in the correct way.
  7. Cover letter. It should contain a mentioning of why you intend to stay in Portugal, what your work is about, and other crucial stuff.
  8. Proof of having health insurance. It must cover up to 30,000 EUR linked to the primary period of stay. 
  9. NIF. This is a Portuguese tax ID that makes it possible to get engaged in any financial activity in the country. Actually, it is hard to imagine living a fulfilling life without such a document in the country. Besides, starting a business is going to be impossible without it. NIF can be obtained at the local tax office or with the help of an intermediary without any hardships.

By the way, it is also essential to open a bank account in Portugal. This is what cannot be ignored at all. Those living in Portugal should have it in order to be able to deal with their funds.

Step 2 is about checking that you have everything that was included in this list, and making sure the copies you have prepared are fine enough.

Step 3 is visiting the site of the intermediary and ordering the stuff that is missing. This will be the very start of applying for a Digital Nomad Visa. A lot of digital nomads have to request NIF and open a Portuguese bank account first of all.

Step 4 is arranging the appointment in a Portugal Embassy. The documents may be submitted either by mail or in person depending on what option seems to be suitable for you.

Step 5 is getting to Portugal and registering your residence. As soon as this is done, you will also have to go through the Portugal residence permit interview.

More Detailed Info about the Documents to Provide

It is essential to be aware of as many points as possible before you start to deal with the process of getting the documents ready and applying for a Digital Nomad Visa. So, let’s see what is meant by this.

Proof of address is all about the obligation to confirm that you will have a place to live within the first 12 months of your stay in Portugal. Apart from the rental agreement, it can also be a booking at one of the hotels or Airbnb. What is more, if there is someone who plans to provide you with accommodation in Portugal, you will need to have a cover letter from this person. 

But what shall the person who cannot suggest such proof do? In this case, it is advisable to contact the Embassy and explain the reason for such a problem. For example, it is not going to be an issue if you plan to purchase a property in Portugal. But the Embassy will still have to make a certain decision regarding your application in connection with a visa.

A clean criminal record is also a matter that is linked to a lot of questions for some reasons. It is important to note that such evidence is required in most countries when applying for a visa there. Well, the first thing to know is that if there is a translation of the record that takes place, it has to be legalized in the Portuguese Embassy. Apart from this, the certificate that will have to deal with your status must be issued within the previous three months.

The next point to mention is proof of income, there are a few ways to provide it. However, the best option for the digital nomads is to suggest bank statements for the previous three months that will state how much you actually make. It will be awesome to enclose a work contract in case you are a remote worker. As for freelancers, bank statements and proof of sufficient savings are going to be more than enough. Besides, a person can also be self-employed. In this case, he is to suggest a certificate of business registration and bank statements.

Health insurance refers not only to the person who applies for the visa but also to the dependents of such a person. 30,000 EUR is the minimum coverage that has to work for every person here. As long as you have a Portuguese residence permit, you will be able to apply for one of the accessible local health insurance schemes without any difficulty.

The Cost of Visa: What Shall You Expect?

Well, it is impossible to state the exact figure right away. The matter is that it depends on what country you are applying for the visa from, and what your local currency is. However, the average sum of money to keep in mind is about 180 EUR for your primary visa application, and about 300 EUR for the residence permit you are about to get when you are in Portugal already.

One more important aspect to bear in mind is this: it is essential to work on the documents before they are okay to be used for applying for a visa. It means that the docs should be certified by Apostille and translated. What is more, those translations must be certified. And surely, the cost of such services is about to be different depending on what country you currently live in.

Is It Real to Face a Portugal Digital Nomad Visa Denial?

Such a problem can take place in case you haven’t met any of the requirements that are suggested to all applicants.

Very often, the applicant can get a visa denial as long as he did not present the documents in the way he should. For instance, they were not certified, notarized, or something else. 

In case of a Digital Nomad Visa denial, you will receive a letter. It will state a reason why such a denial took place. But there are no reasons to worry because there is a chance to appeal this decision. It can be done within a month. Besides, it is important to know that sticking to such an option is going to be more beneficial compared to the situation when you start the application process all over again.

What has to be done is resubmit the application and send an appeal letter. It has to contain a polite explanation of why a certain mistake took place and mentioning that you have fixed that stuff. The appeal process is likely to take from one to two months.

Where Can You Get Your NIF and Open a Bank Account?

The easiest option to do this is to refer to the experienced intermediary. The team will guide you through the process, and you will not have to make any extra effort.

It is important to keep in mind that it is not difficult to obtain NIF. Only two documents are required for this: it is a passport and proof of residence outside Portugal. As for the bank account, there is not too much to get ready either but the list is going to be a bit longer (it is going to be mandatory to suggest proof of ID, NIF, and a statement of address and income). But nevertheless, things are about to be far easier with a good team.

Are There Any Features of a Great Team to Remember about?

It may be sensible to proceed with a sort of checking before you choose the provider to work with. Here are the features to pay attention to:

  1. The intermediary must be skillful in what he does. This can be proven by the reviews about him on the Net.
  2. The website of the provider should look reliable and rather detailed linked to what you would like to get acquainted with. Ideally, the intermediary has to provide a list of the documents to deal with and share his contacts that can be used in case of a certain difficulty.
  3. The pricing for such services as requesting NIF and opening a bank account in Portugal should also be clear and transparent. This will allow making sure that the intermediary is trustworthy enough to start working with.
  4. There has to be a deadline linked to a certain service. Nevertheless, this expectation time may change thanks to a variety of reasons.

A Portugal D7 Visa: What Has to Be Learned About It?

There is one more option that can be rather suitable for digital nomads who intend to live in Portugal. It is a Portugal D7 visa that is also referred to as a Portugal passive income visa. This is what has to be done in order to be able to apply for this kind of visa:

  1. Get the evidence of passive income ready. It must equal the average salary per year which is 8,460 EUR.
  2. Obtain a Portuguese tax ID which is also called NIF. It may be received both in the local tax office and online (using the assistance of one of the intermediaries who are involved in this kind of service).
  3. Open a bank account in Portugal. This will allow you to deal with your funds the way you want. Otherwise, they just will not be valid.
  4. Have a residency in this country for at least 16 months. So, this is a matter to think over in advance. There are plenty of options to arrange this, and it is not as hard as it may seem.

Apart from this, it is crucial to get the proper documents ready in order to be able to request a Portugal D7 visa.

What Documents Must Be Prepared for Applying for a Portugal D7 Visa?

This is the list to keep in mind:

  1. A valid passport. 
  2. Passive income D7 Visa Application Form. Such a form may be easily found on the Portuguese Government webpage.
  3. Statement of passive income. Bank statements are about to be perfectly fine in this case.
  4. Proof of accommodation. A rental agreement is going to become an ideal document that will be able to demonstrate your residency.
  5. Cover letter and passport-sized photos.
  6. Clean criminal record and health insurance.

What If You Experience Certain Problems When Preparing Documents for Your Digital Nomad Visa?

Well, this is a matter that can be solved. The best solution here is to hire an experienced consultant that will be able to come up with a certain way out and tell you what you might do.

Different intermediaries intend to charge different sums of money for introducing such a service. However, the cost of 100 EUR is going to be absolutely fine. You can count on getting professional help for this price. One of the greatest advantages of asking the expert for help is that he will be able to check whether you are compliant to relocate or not.

By the way, the same consultant can also be eager to work with you if you have some other questions to ask. It is awesome to have such a helper for any kind of matter.

The Advantages of Choosing a Portuguese D7 Visa and Touching Upon the Chance to Bring Your Family

  1. The first important point to mention is tax exemptions. Well, if you have a D7 visa, you can expect to receive an NHR status. And, it will give you quite a few advantages.
  2. You are going to have an opportunity to travel to any of the Schengen Zone countries without being obliged to apply for a visa. Doesn’t it sound great?

As for the family members, the conditions of the Portuguese D7 visa state that you may bring them. However, there is a list of particular documents to present in this case.

The most important point here is that you will need to prove that you will be able to provide family members. Besides, stating the degree of the relationship is going to be obligatory too. The following family members can join you as dependents:

  • A spouse or a partner;
  • Children below 18;
  • Parents or spouse’s parents, etc.

Applying for NHR Status in Portugal: the Key Peculiarities

Well, it is possible to become an NHR resident (it is referred to as a non-habitual resident) after 183 days of stay here in Portugal. The status will be presented for the next ten years. The greatest advantage you are about to face when getting this status is that you will not be obliged to pay taxes in Portugal in case you have already paid them in the country having a double tax treaty with Portugal. 

The rate linked to income tax is up to 48% while with the NHR status, it can be dropped to 20% (this is a flat rate).

There are a few other ways to become an NHR resident of Portugal (apart from having to spend a certain number of days in the country):

  • You have resided in Portugal for more than half a year (these episodes do not even have to be consecutive);
  • You fulfill public functions or duties abroad for Portugal;
  • You have a property in the country that can be used as your place of residence, etc.

Some FAQs about Portugal Digital Nomad Visa

A lot of people who will have to face applying for a Portuguese Digital Nomad Visa have plenty of questions linked to this matter. This section will be of great help in this case.

  • What places in Portugal are chosen by digital nomads most frequently?

Porto, Lisbon, and Braga are thought to be the most brilliant options for digital nomads. Nevertheless, it is okay to stick to some other cool spots too.

  • How to become a digital nomad?

To be able to call yourself that way and apply for a Portugal Digital Nomad Visa, you need to be a remote expert in something. So, the first step to take is to study what job to select and think about what suits you more. Do not hurry up and analyze your preferences and skills in advance, and you will be fine!

  • What are the income requirements for digital nomads in Portugal?

The digital nomads should make a sum of money that is four times more than the national minimum wage. This is an obligatory rule to follow.

  • When did a Digital Nomad Visa appear at all?

Such kind of visa was introduced in Portugal on the 30th of October. And, to tell the truth, it may be considered a spectacular event for the digital nomads as long as thanks to such an opportunity, they can get to Portugal which is a great place to be at.

  • How much will it take to complete a Digital Nomad Visa process?

Normally, the procedure is going to take about three to four months. It is essential to visit SEF upon arrival in Portugal in order to register as a resident.

  • Is it real to apply for a Digital Nomad Visa from abroad?

Sure, it is absolutely possible. To be able to do so, you will need to cooperate with the Portuguese Embassy in the country you reside. And, it is also important to have all the proper documents ready in advance.

  • Can I find a digital nomad community in Portugal?

It is not hard to do this at all. This country is characterized by a rather strong community for digital nomads. Everyone can find friends and help by means of it.

A Few Tips for Those Who Intend to Apply for a Portuguese Digital Nomad Visa

Now, you are well aware of what to do and what to get ready in order to live and work in Portugal as a digital nomad. Nevertheless, it may be a bit hard at the very beginning as soon as it is a new country to face and a new way of life to deal with. Follow the tips suggested below, and you will surely feel more confident!

  1. If you consider a long-term stay here in Portugal, it is an excellent idea to purchase property in this wonderful country. It is important to remember about the fact that you have a chance to get a nice return on the investment. 
  2. Those who have qualified for all residency formalities can expect to face a great healthcare system in Portugal. 
  3. The process of applying for all necessary documents when living in Portugal can become far easier in case you choose to deal with the right team. In most cases, it is an intermediary (the same name for the provider of the services) who will tell you what to get ready. If you are ordering the docs online, you will not even have to leave your house! So, in other words, it is a great idea to consider if there is such a necessity.
  4. Shopping locally and being rational about going to the bars can save you a great deal of money when you are living in Portugal!

The last but not least thing to mention is this: it is vital to be consecutive in all steps you are about to take, and devote enough time to preparing all the necessary stuff for applying for the visa. Otherwise, the application process may seem to be too lengthy, and you will not get the result you expect.

So, hope your process of applying for a Portugal Digital Nomad Visa will be as successful as possible, and very soon, you will get to enjoy your perfect life in this country! The best of luck to you on your way then!