How Will I Get My Social Security Number in Portugal?

Receiving a social security number which is also called NISS is certainly a serious and important step to take. 

So, pay attention to the fact that you will have to choose from several options. First of all, you are free to attend a social security office and request its representatives to help you. And, second, you may choose the assistance of an online intermediary. In this case, things are about to be far easier and faster.

No matter what option you are about to pick, you need to start with getting the necessary documents ready. Their list includes your passport and NIF. If you decide to interact with the Portuguese social security office, you may be asked to present something else. However, in most cases, this turns out to be enough. And, if you plan to do things online, you will just have to download the documents and pay a fee. So, in other words, receiving your NISS is possible without even leaving your home!

Besides, you will also have to deal with filling in the application and verifying your ID. This is it. In most cases, NISS is going to be ready within five days. It is really fast, right?