Document requirements to get NIE Verde for EU citizens

A Completed Documents Guide to Getting your NIE Verde with us

Our team will handle the preparation of most documents, including the appointment confirmation letter, the filled EX-18 form, and the 790 and payment receipts, so you can focus on what’s important. We want to streamline your experience by taking care of the details. In the following section, we’ll guide you through the essential documents you need to prepare yourself and bring along for your visit.
Your NIE Verde application must be supported by specific documents that vary depending on your employment status or circumstance. Below is a detailed breakdown of what you need to provide:

Employed Persons:

You need to present one of the following:

  • Employer’s Statement: A statement of hiring or employment certificate that includes the company’s name and address, tax identification, and social security contribution account code.
  • Employment Contract: A contract registered with the Public Employment Service or contract conditions communicated through the CONTRAT@ platform.
  • Social Security Documentation: Proof of registration or equivalent status in the Social Security system, or consent for data verification with the General Treasury of Social Security.

Self-Employed Workers:

You should provide any of the following:

  • Economic Activities Census Registration: Proof of your registration in the Census.
  • Commercial Registry: Evidence of establishment through registration in the Commercial Registry.
  • Social Security or Tax Agency Documentation: Proof of registration in the Social Security regime, or consent to verify your details in the files of the General Treasury of Social Security or the Tax Agency.

Non-Workers in Spain:

You must submit the following:

  • Health Insurance: Proof of public or private health insurance with full coverage in Spain, equivalent to the national health system (without co-payment).
  • Proof of Sufficient Resources: Evidence of having enough resources for yourself and your family during your stay in Spain. This can be property deeds, certified checks, documentation of capital income, or a credit card with a certified credit limit.


You are required to provide:

  • Educational Enrollment: Proof of enrollment in a recognized public or private educational institution.
  • Health Insurance: A valid European health card or equivalent private insurance covering the necessary health benefits.
  • Financial Self-Sufficiency: A sworn statement declaring sufficient resources for you and your family during your stay in Spain.
  • Participation in EU Programs: Documentation proving your involvement in EU programs promoting educational exchange will suffice for these requirements.

Family member of a Spain or Union citizen:

You are required to provide:

  • Legal Family Relationship: Documentation confirming legally recognized family ties with the EU citizen, such as marriage or birth certificates, should be provided, and if necessary, appropriately legalized.
  • Economic Dependency: Provide evidence that demonstrates financial dependence on the EU citizen if applicable.
  • Proof of EU Citizen’s Status: Documentation must be submitted to show that the EU citizen in question is either gainfully employed, self-employed with adequate income, possesses sufficient means of subsistence to support themselves and their family members, and has comprehensive health insurance coverage. Alternatively, if the EU citizen is a student, proof must be provided of sufficient resources and health insurance for themselves and family members.